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Sh Ch Inostricani Dessinzano

I have owned dogs and horses all my life and my father before me so it's in the genes.

I am a founder member of the ISCGB and I've judged at Championship level. For forty years I have shown shire horses and in 1982 owned my first Spinone. Then though I had seen this lovely breed first in Italy in 1972 and thought what a wonderful breed.

I have generations of top winning dogs and excellent blood lines and true spinone type. I have strived all my life to breed the best, and as close to the standard as one can get. I am a perfectionist and second best will not do. I look for excellent heads, good conformation, thick skin with an excellent coat, good strong bone and big round front feet, and with that they must have excellent movement - the true spinone pounding trot, and driving from the rear plus the tic-tock tail. Also with all of that they must have 100 percent temperament.

I only know after years of brain ache I believe I have achieved the true type of good height, not to big, substance and full of quality. It is now time for me to come into the twenty-first century and have a web site for others to see what I have been doing and share what has been achieved through generations and my life time of commitment. My excellent dogs are known throughout the world and am proud to have Spinone that many people all over the world respect, enjoy and appreciate.

I have no need to keep talking about how good my dogs are, I let them speak for themselves by winning in the ring. What everyone gets from me if they have my lines is quality, temperament and true Italian type, which is so sought after but so rarely found.
I hope everyone enjoys my photos and my dogs.

Lorraine Rossiter
Boulters Barn Bungalow
Churchill Road
Chipping Norton
Oxon, OX7 5UT

Tel: 01608 642336

Email: italianspinone@btinternet.com